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7 Things You Should Never Discuss In The Office


The office is arguably our second home. As a matter of fact, we sometimes spend more time in the office than we do with our families and friends. You may argue if you want, but this is the reality we are facing today.

Due to how close we are with certain colleagues in the office, we tend to discuss some certain things outside work with them. While it is good to be informal sometimes so as to develop personal rapport, it is important to know your limit. In fact, there are certain things you should never discuss in the office.

No matter how frustrated you are, trust me your co-worker in the office is a wrong person to discuss certain things with. After all, office gossips spread wider than wildfires. Therefore, in this article, you will learn some things you should never discuss in the office.

It may interest you to know that discussing these topics at work may cause you your promotion. Nobody is truly your friend in an office environment, they will always use you as a sacrificial lamb for eye service in the presence of your boss. So, be careful of what you say or discuss in the office.

Things You Should Never Discuss In The Office

#1. Bad Experience Of Your Last Job

One of the things you should never discuss in the office is the bad experience of your last job. Even if the experience is negative to the core, still talk about the positive aspect of the organization. Otherwise, you may be seen as somebody who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions.

Therefore, even if you must talk about your last employment in your office, emphasize more on the things you learnt rather than the negative experience you had.

#2 Political Views

The office is the wrong place to discuss your political view, especially when you have a different view from your boss or superior. However, people will always bring up political topics in the office, try as much as possible not to say anything or view.

Even if your colleagues invite you to the discussion, don’t engage in it. It is a common source of misunderstanding in the office.

#3. The Fact That You Are Looking For Another Job

One of the most important things you should never discuss in the office is the fact that you are looking for another job. Even if you are looking for another job, never discuss it with anybody.

Like I said earlier, office gossips spread wider than wildfire, so keeping information like this to yourself is better. No matter how close you are with your co-worker, never discuss your exit strategy with them.

#4. Your Relationship Life

By the way, why will someone be discussing his or her relationship life in the office? It is very appalling. Whether you cheat on your spouse, fought with her before leaving home or any other personal issues shouldn’t be discussed in the office. It is completely off limit.

#5. Family History

You don’t discuss your family history in the office. Irrespective of how close you are with your colleague, family matters remain private.

Whether your father is having a major ailment, or your mother is filing a divorce against your father, never disclose such issues at work. If you must know, everybody has his or her own family issues, why disclosing yours?

#6. Complaining About Your Boss

The office is a highly political environment, you don’t know who among your colleague is the boss’s snitch. Therefore, never discuss anything negative about your boss in the office. This might cause you a lot in the long run.

#7. Criticizing Your Company’s Strategy

Criticizing your organization’s strategy is something you should never involve in. Who knows, you may be in the position of authority in the same organization tomorrow and start making those same decisions you once criticized.

Therefore, it is advisable to speak your concerns about the strategy constructively rather than criticizing openly.

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